Ryan McTear is a Los Angeles-based musician, composer, and arranger. Born outside Philadelphia to a large musical family, he was exposed to a multitude of musical genres from Rock to Opera to Irish Folk music.  As a child he taught himself how to play various musical instruments, some with remarkable proficiency. By the time he was six, he would spend days on end playing drums to Guns N’ Roses records. And while his tastes would evolve over time, his obsession with great music was constant.  As a teenager McTear played in punk bands, made films with his friends and skateboarded in competitions, but a new obsession would find him when he discovered a neglected collection of classical records in the attic, at which point he immediately began teaching himself piano. Perhaps more surprising than that, he also started composing music at the same time.

At sixteen, Ryan McTear was writing for orchestra, and though he still had no formal training, his compositions would earn him entry to the prestigious Pennsylvania Governor’s School of the Arts. Two years later, barely eighteen years of age, he would move to Los Angeles to pursue music and film. He would find jobs in the entertainment industry by day, while directing and scoring his own films at night. By twenty, he would relocate to Bologna Italy, and what he thought would be a six month excursion in European would become closer to a decade, moving from Italy to Barcelona, working in the Spanish TV/ Film industry producing and editing film and, yes, composing music.

In 2012 McTear returned to Los Angeles to settle down. His work in TV and film production continues, and has released several albums of music, most recently including impressive classical pieces performed by Orchestras in Macedonia, London and Hungary, which can be heard on TV shows, commercials and films.  Most recently Ryan’s music was featured in the hit Netflix series GLOW.